Saturday, March 17, 2012

What we can learn about beauty from dried figs

Dried figs are not the most attractive food to look at. In fact, they are not an attractive thing at all. If someone unfamiliar with them saw one in his path, he might very well skirt it judiciously to avoid treading on it.

They don't look nice.

But, if any of you have overcome appearance and ventured a chew, you know that they are delightfully sweet and rather a pleasure to eat. It's quite easy to forget the outward appearance once you are enjoying the sugary meat.

Do we employ similar judgement as we deal with people? Is it easy to skirt around someone we judge as 'unpleasant' by their appearance? But how are we to know if they are not the sweetest most beautiful person we would meet?

Don't judge a fig by its cover.

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